Peak Membership now available for $2.99/month

Running a website isn’t easy.

With fees for the domain, database and other expenses, it can be a bit pricey at times to keep the ship afloat.

That challenge becomes even bigger when the site has no income.

Laurel Mountain Sports has been a passion project of mine for a long time, and it is something that I have no intention of stopping any time soon—regardless of where life takes us.

While I have strived to keep this site completely free for as long as possible, the future of this platform is going to require some funds in order to keep running.

That’s why I am introducing the Laurel Mountain Sports Peak Membership. For just $2.99/month, Peak members will receive access to all articles, player spotlights, game recaps, feature stories, photo galleries and more. Subscriptions will renew automatically until canceled.

Subscribe here

Your contribution will be put toward the ongoing costs of the site, as well as future giveaways, drawings and awards.

For all active/former members of the military, Peak membership can be purchased for just 99¢/month.

Laurel Mountain Sports will continue to provide limited free content as well, which will include breaking news and other pertinent information to the public.

Thank you for helping Laurel Mountain Sports continue to grow, and we welcome you to the club.